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Automatic smart phone detection

Once our advanced detect script is installed on your main website, it forwards all mobile traffic seamlessly on to the Pocket Diner version. We even provide different levels of features depending on the capabilites of the visitor's phone so everyone receives a great experience!

Read our full script installation guide →


Fully content managed

Our Content Management System allows you to manage all your menus, locations, photos and more. Because it works from within your web browser you can edit your content at any time and from anywhere in the world.


Find your nearest

By harnessing existing technology built into many phones, Pocket Diner uses GPS to precisely locate visitors and deliver details on their nearest restaurant, including a link to Google Maps. This feature is especially useful for restaurants with multiple locations.


Image uploads

Plain text menus are fine - but they don't really get people salivating. That's why we allow you to upload an image with every single dish (and location too).


Custom branding

With the ability to upload your own logo and change the colour scheme of your Pocket Diner site, you can make it look right on brand so it feels like part of your main website.


You can install your own tracking code, such as Google Analytics, on Pocket Diner, allowing you to see how many people are accessing your site, and even what kind of phone they're using.

Multiple location support

You can add as many locations as you like (depending on your plan), complete with address, contact details, opening hours and more. Each location is then fully searchable via in-built phone GPS and provides one-click links to a location map, email address and phone number.


Social tools

Already tweeting, or have a fan page on Facebook? Simply enter your details in the Content Management System and we'll link your accounts - making them accessible in just one click from your Pocket Diner site.


Data capture

Using the built-in sign up form, users can provide their key details such as name and e-mail address which are then safely stored for you to download at any time. You can then add these users to any existing CRM database.

Integrates with Bookatable™

Pocket Diner integrates with Bookatable

Who's using it?

Did you know?

There are currently 13.9 million mobile internet users in the UK. This figure is expected to rise to 17.3 million by 2012.

eMarketer - Feb '11

27% of the UK population own a smartphone.

KPMG - Dec '10

5.3% of visits to restaurant websites are via mobile devices.

From 521,267 visitors sampled Oct '10

UK smartphone adoption has sky rocketed over the past year. Adoption has grown by 70% to more than 11 million subcribers.

Comscore as cited by Cellular News - Mar 2010

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Fans of Pocket Diner

Pocket Diner is ideal for restaurants who understand the value of their online presence and want to optimise it to take advantage of the new generation of mobile web users”

Stephanie Rice - Giraffe Restaurants

Give it a whirl!

To see how a site running on the Pocket Diner platform looks and works on a phone, simply follow these steps:

1 - Go and grab your mobile phone. Any phone will work, but for the best experience we recommend a smartphone, such as an iPhone.

2 - Fire up your browser and head over to http://demo.livebookings.biz