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10 reasons to use Pocket Diner

  • 1

    Create a new revenue stream via mobile bookings

    Imagine if people could book a table at your restaurant in a matter of minutes straight from their mobile phone! Well, wish no more! All sites running on the Pocket Diner platform come with the ability for you to process online bookings and if you're already using Bookatable, we can link the reservations straight to your electronic reservations book!

  • 2

    Your customers will thank you for it

    Traditional websites simply aren’t built for the small screen. Navigation is often fiddly, frustrating and involves a lot of pinching, rotating and squinting. In comparison, Pocket Diner has been designed specifically for these small screens, so it's quite simply a pleasure to use. So whether at home or on the move, your customers will have a much improved experience of your brand.

  • 3

    It works across 100s of devices

    Unlike a device-specific 'App' you would download from iTunes and others, Pocket Diner is a mobile-optimised website which still has the great look & feel of an App but also natively works across all handheld devices. For older, less capable phones there's even a stripped down version so everyone’s included. Our advanced detection script will automatically filter mobile traffic visiting your primary website and seamlessly forward them to your Pocket Diner version.

  • 4

    You control the content

    All Pocket Diner accounts come bundled with our fully featured Content Management System. This gives you complete control over the look and feel of your site along with menu, location, offers and social media management. It even allows you to set multiple price points for your menus, should you need it. Because it’s browser-based you can edit your content at any time and from anywhere in the world.

  • 5

    Lightening fast load times

    With free Wifi hotspots still being a luxury, most on-the-go mobile users will spend their time browsing over slower 3G connections. At these speeds, page optimisation becomes key and traditional websites become slow to load as they contain large unoptimised images and deliver unnecessary content. Luckily, Pocket Diner has been fully optimised for 3G and has a tiny file size footprint, making it quick to load and even quicker to browse.

  • 6

    It delivers the content that matters

    Mobile visitors are often pushed for time and simply looking for key details of your restaurant - menus, location(s) and offers. Pocket Diner removes all the irrelevant ‘noise’ that is often present on a standard website and concentrates itself on delivering this key information quickly, and in the most effective format possible. We always provide a nice obvious link back to your main site too, so the option is always available should visitors require it.

  • 7

    Got a Flash™ website? Not a problem!

    It's game over from the start for Flash™ websites on most handheld devices, as Flash™ is rarely supported (the iPhone being a good example). Pocket Diner is therefore a great way to still make your content available, whilst allowing you to maintain your primary website.

  • 8

    You'll be well prepared for the future

    By 2012 it's predicted that there will be more people accessing the internet via smartphones than desktop computers. That's a whole lot of people, and a whole new market to tap into.

  • 9

    You’ll be ahead of the competition

    Mobile sites are a very new and cool technology, but by no means a flash in the pan. There's no doubt within the industry that mobile browsing is going to be a pretty big deal over the next few years, so by getting involved early you'll be a real trend-setter and show your customers (and competitors) that you're both innovative and cutting edge.

  • 10

    We'll be providing free upgrades for the lifetime of your account

    As mobile technology evolves, we'll be evolving right alongside to ensure that Pocket Diner remains the premier mobile solution for restaurant websites. As we release further versions of the system, they'll automatically be applied to your account, so you know that you're always going to be up to date and providing the best possible experience to your customers.

Who made this?

Pocket Diner is brought to you by Bookatable & Engage Interactive.

Bookatable is the leading global online reservation and marketing service for restaurants, making it easy to fill your tables, manage your reservations and market to your customer database. Find out more.

Engage Interactive is a multiple award winning digital agency, with thousands of hours of experience working in the restaurant sector. Find out more.

Integrates with Bookatable™

Pocket Diner integrates with Bookatable

Who's using it?

Did you know?

There are currently 13.9 million mobile internet users in the UK. This figure is expected to rise to 17.3 million by 2012.

eMarketer - Feb '11

27% of the UK population own a smartphone.

KPMG - Dec '10

5.3% of visits to restaurant websites are via mobile devices.

From 521,267 visitors sampled Oct '10

UK smartphone adoption has sky rocketed over the past year. Adoption has grown by 70% to more than 11 million subcribers.

Comscore as cited by Cellular News - Mar 2010

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Fans of Pocket Diner

Pocket Diner is ideal for restaurants who understand the value of their online presence and want to optimise it to take advantage of the new generation of mobile web users”

Stephanie Rice - Giraffe Restaurants

Give it a whirl!

To see how a site running on the Pocket Diner platform looks and works on a phone, simply follow these steps:

1 - Go and grab your mobile phone. Any phone will work, but for the best experience we recommend a smartphone, such as an iPhone.

2 - Fire up your browser and head over to http://demo.livebookings.biz